Alfred camera app for Windows PC: A friend that you can count on

Home or office security should be a priority for you. Alfred camera app for Windows PC is one of the easiest to use CCTV camera apps for Windows, Android or iOS devices. It has a lot of nice features and it is absolutely free.

Download Alfred camera app for Windows PC

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The need of home and office surveillance

There are a lot o reasons why you need to monitor your home or office. CCTV systems has increased in popularity due to the needs to monitor and keep safe the loved ones, your pets, your car, the entire property, or why not your business.

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What is Alfred camera Web Viewer?

Alfred Camera Web Viewer is an application for Windows PC, iOS and Android devices that allows you to connect your entire CCTV system to the app. With Alfred Web Viewer you can manage and monitor all your CCTV devices including cameras, alarms, and so on.

A few features that Alfred camera app for PC has to offer

  • Remote access: Access your cctv system from anywhere of the world. Control all your devices through Alfred camera app for PC.
  • Alerts: Alfred app will send you notifications when an incident was recorded.
  • Cloud storage: all footage will be saved in cloud storage so you can access it anytime you wish.
  • Auto Update: will keep the app updated to make sure the entire cctv system runs smoothly
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Downloading Alfred camera app for Windows

Downloading and installing Alfred camera app for Windows is an easy task. All you need to do is to click the download button below and your app will be saved on your computer, iOS or Android devices.

Install the app by opening the setup pack. Once you installed the app, an shortcut will appear on your desktop. From here you can manage your entire cctv system.

Some advantages that Alfred camera app has

Free to use

Alfred app is free to use and does not require any subscription or one time payment.

Clean code without ads

Alfred app does not have any built in ads. Your experience will be smooth and premium.

Auto update

The app will auto update by itself so we can make sure you don’t miss any important footage from your cctv system.

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Alfred camera app download: You must have it

Download Alfred camera app and take advantage of all his features. Control all your cctv cameras, alarms and other devices through Alfred software.

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alfred camera app for windows

In the end,

Alfred camera app for Windows PC has been one of the most used apps in the recent years. The easy to use menu and the nice features that it has built in, Alfred is one of the most known and used security camera apps for Windows PC. Please share our website on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Thanks!